Monday, 5 January 2015

Be A Unicorn | Happy 2015

Happy New 2015!  Any resolutions?  This year, I shall be living by this:

Join me?

I love a Decopatch project [my favourite giraffe accessory] and turning the figures in to something a little different even more [giraffe bookends, lion money box, Eiffel Tower accessory], so why stop now?  Unicorns have been on my Pinterest feed for a good few months now, so here is my contribution to the trend, using a Decopatch Horse and glitter [what else?].

What I Used:
cocktail stick
toilet paper roll / paper

 Decopatch animals are currently on sale at HobbyCraft, so if you fancy making your own unicorn
 too [or any Decopatch related project], now is the time!
I started with my horse figure and taking the sharp end of a skewer/cocktail stick, made a hole where I wanted to place my unicorn horn - right between the ears:
Brutal, but I have history.
Snap the cocktail stick at the length you want your unicorn horn to be and your foundations are complete.  This stage is completely optional, but without, your unicorn horn will have less structure and strength against any knocks.

Next, to create the unicorn horn.  Using a toilet roll holder, I unwrapped the tube and tore the corner into a triangle.  Rolling this from one side to the other, holding the corner, I created a cone, which I then trimmed to the length of the cocktail stick, with a little extra for securing to the figure:
[use tape to help create a point if needed]
Place your unicorn horn on top of the cocktail stick and secure in place with tape:
To cover the tape and add extra strength to the unicorn horn, tear small pieces of the toilet roll holder to glue over the tape and make the unicorn horn seem like it was always there:
Next, on to the decoration.  No change in 2015 on this one, I'm afraid.
However; I decided to try subtle glitter [is there such a thing?], leaving the figure plain and choosing a white.  For a more vibrant finish, you could paint the figure in white to really brighten the glitter colour from underneath.  Coat your figure in pva glue and then cover in the glitter of your choice:
I found having one dish with the glitter in and one dish to hold my figure worked best - pouring
the glitter from one dish over the figure placed in another and then transferring the figure to the
empty dish, tapping off the excess and then able to pour the glitter again:
The white glitter I chose over the light brown paper makes the figure look like its covered in sugar - I can't capture the colour with my terrible photography, but it looks good enough to eat!
...and then, because it's me, I couldn't resist making more of an accent of the unicorn horn and dipped it in silver glitter to finish the look:
Leave it to dry completely and then brush away the excess.
A good spray of hairspray, or spray adhesive and then left to dry secured the glitter in place:
[the last of the fairy light photos before they are packed away for another 11 months *sob*]
Sugar Plum coated unicorns might become my new thing.
Here's to a great one x

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  1. A unicorn having a glitter bath. I LOVE IT!

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