Friday, 16 January 2015

Birthday Wishes Bottle

I had no idea what to call this project [so I've called it a few things]'s been on my 'ideas to try' list for years and I made it my mission to finally create it.  It incorporates my favourite Christmas style decorations in to the other months of the year and creates a mini bottle snow globe, perfect for any celebration, but I've used it as a little bottle of birthday wishes.

What I Used:
Mini Bottle [I found a pack of 6 in The Works for £1]
Thin Wire
Glue Gun
Water / Glycerine

With the correct items ready, this is actually a very simple and quick project to complete - easily personalised and creates many more ideas I want to try to add different elements, but the basis is the same for any direction you may like to take it.
To start, I selected two identical pieces of table/card confetti and cut a small section of
 0.5mm beading wire, to around 5cm in length.  Using my glue gun [for ease of use and speed -
but any very strong, water-resistant glue will do] I sandwiched the wire between the two pieces
of confetti:
[Don't worry too much at this stage about the neatness of the glue.  Once completely dried, you
 can cut away the excess with scissors to make it a little neater - once submerged in the water later, the glue will be even harder to see, so do not let this part worry you too much]
Finally, spear the top of the wire into the cork stopper and test that when added to the bottle it
hangs in the position you would like.  Trim any excess and fix the wire in place with a little
glue to make sure it is completely secure [if you have any problems fixing your wire in to the cork, use a needle to help create a hole for you]:
Next, on to the water and glycerine [I picked mine up from the baking aisle] which will make all the glitter/confetti inside float beautifully around the bottle when shaken:
Fill your bottle to the neck with water and add one small drop of glycerine [if able, dip the handle of some cutlery in to the glycerine and allow a drop to drip in to the bottle].  Give the water a good stir to prevent the glycerine from sitting at the bottom and then add your glitter/confetti/decorations:
If any glitter gathers at the water line, use a cotton bud to help remove it - this hasn't mixed
with the liquid and will continue to sit at the top, even when the cork is added and bottle shaken,
 so to neaten the look, I removed it before adding my cork.
Finally, to seal the cork and stop it from absorbing all the water, give the bottom half a
good coating with water resistant glue and this will also secure the cork in place.
Now shake it up!
...and make a wish:
This can be adapted for any event, holiday or excuse to give someone a little pot of
personalised glitter, good luck, love or magic.
Have a great weekend x


  1. You could even attach strink to it and make it a cute necklace

    1. a glitter obsessive, this is a FANTASTIC idea!

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