Wednesday 7 January 2015

How to Make Glitter Monogram Present Tags

I love wrapping presents just as much as the giving of them and I've shared a few DIYs on the blog to dress wrapping up a little with oversized bows, honeycomb diamonds, tissue paper flowers, gemstones, pretty bows, honeycomb embellishments and personalised handwriting.  This is a simple, but just as effective monogram tag idea that gives me yet another excuse to use glitter.

What I Used:
Glitter Card
Alphabet Stencils [old, but a range to choose from here]
Thread / Hole Punch / Pencil / Glue

I used stencils to create my monograms, but you can use a template printed from the computer or draw free-hand – whichever works best for your design.
Taking an A5 piece of glitter card, I folded the card in half [pattern sides facing] and then placed my template so that the edges met the fold [this will make things much easier later on] and traced around the outline on one side:
I then cut around the outline as neatly as I could, without bending or dragging the card 
[keep in mind the ease with which you can cut around your letter when selecting the font – 
otherwise, use a craft knife for this part]:
Covering the letter with glue, I then unfolded the card so that the glitter sides faced out, fixing the insides together and leaving to dry under a heavy book [having a fold makes the placement of the card much easier with less chance of needing to recut the edges to make the two sides align]:
Once dried, I tidied up any issues with alignment with scissors before creating a punch to thread the tag:
…looping some thread to fix in place and then fixing to my wrapped present
[with glitter tape, of course].
I’ve made a batch so that I’m set for the year and they have been helping me overcome my Christmas wrapping withdrawal symptoms.
see you next time x

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