Friday 27 November 2015

DIY Fashion // How to Make Boot Tassels

 The second shoe dress-up DIY this week [before the Christmas madness!] is perfect for adding a bit of colour and detail to your boots - tassels!  I love a tassel, I have made many a version [here, here and here] and this is another way to create mini versions that can easily be added and removed/replaced.
It's also cheap - winner.

To start, I cut my cord in two and then with one of the 1m lengths cut in half again [in to 2 pieces].  I then cut each of these in to halves [now having 4 pieces] and then cut each of the 4 pieces in half [a total of 8 piece]. Set one piece aside and to the remaining seven pieces, cut them in half once more [a total of 14 pieces and 1 longer length]:

Lining the 6 pieces of equal length cord together, I secured them in place at one end with a finding, using jewellery pliers to open the finding as wide as possible, before clamping closed:
[it was a tight fit - but as long as you are sure the cord wont be able to fall out - you don't need to worry about it looking pretty!]

Once secure, the longer length of cord is used to act as both a hook and to cover the finding.  
To start, use strong glue, fabric glue [or a glue gun, in my case] or sew in to place one end of the cord to the top of the finding.
 Create a small loop and fasten in place where the cord crosses to secure in place.
Now, tightly wrap this around the finding and twice again to cover the tops of the tassel:

Glue the end in place to secure and neaten then trim the ends to the same length:

...and your tassel is complete.  
Do the same with the second 1m length of cord and you are ready to dress up your Winter boots:

Add your second set of findings to the loops to make them easily fastened to zips, loops and buckles:
Create them in different colours, textures and sizes for a easy and budget-friendly way to dress
 up your shoes:
Of course, these aren't just for boots - add them to strappy shoes for a bit of glam, or use them as key rings!  see you next week for the launch of something special x


  1. Though, great shoes & accessories don’t come inexpensive, and every period we find the same panaches in every store. If only they were a slight more fun or a little happier or had a slight more of the designer-chic style we see on the stage and the pages of fashion fortnightlies.

  2. Wow! Many thanks for sharing your ideas! your shoes looking amazing!

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