Tuesday 1 December 2015

TTSM // YouTube Channel

Happy December 1st!  Today I am really pleased to finally launch the TTSM YouTube Channel.
It has been in the back of my mind to start for years now, so feels quite surreal to finally have it up and running.  I'll be posting a variety of DIY, baking and quick craft videos.

Filming DIYs, I have found, is so different to photographing them - I've never been so aware of what I am doing or ever thought about how it may look - so please stick with me and hopefully it will all get better over time as I find my feet.  I'd love your feedback and if you have any requests for future videos [whether new or for previously blogged DIYs - please add your comments!]

So given the date, it only seemed right that my first upload was of my favourite Christmas DIY:
the Christmas Pudding Teacake.  So it starts!

I hope you like it! Please subscribe and I hope to see you over there! x

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  1. Good work Sophie! Filming is HARD but I love it so much. Look forward to seeing more of your videos :)


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