Sunday 2 April 2017

DIY Easter | Mini Egg Chocolate Nest Drip Cakes

I promise I didn't use this post as an excuse to buy all the chocolate.

4 Cakes: 2 x Shredded Wheat / 100g Milk Chocolate / 40g White Chocolate / 4 x Mini Eggs


I think the only part of this DIY I need to explain is how I made the mould - and even that is incredibly quick and easy!  With a sheet of perspex plastic, roll the sheet to mark the length required and cut to the height you would like.  Cut two - and bring the sides together with tape.  They will form a teardrop shape, so wrap one around the other, with the seams on opposite sides to even the shape into a cylinder:
Mix up your chosen chocolate nest favourites - for me, it's Shredded Wheat, but rice krispies or cornflakes work just as well:

On a tray or plate that can be easily transferred to the fridge, use your mould to create 4 equal[ish] nest towers:
Pop them in the fridge until set:

 Let's decorate:
But before we do, a confession.  I had originally created these cakes with my favourite, Wilton Candy Melts.  They were a bright white in colour, and I had some left over from this post.  However; for a really good 'drip cake' effect, you need chocolate thats much thinner in consistency and that can be heated to a slightly higher temperature - so white chocolate is the best for this job [and I've known this all along with this DIY]:
 Can you see - just a little too thick for the effect I want - but something to bear in mind if you need a 'snow' effect! [Chocolate Gingerbread Houses......]  So, with a quick pop to the shop and milky buttons in hand, I covered the tops and then used the side of a spoon to create the drips:
Finish with a mini egg [or any mini chocolate egg of your choice]:

Perfectly mini, the ultimate Easter Egg Hunt prize and a level up from your traditional Easter chocolate nests!


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