Sunday 30 April 2017

DIY Accessories | Cat Tote Bag

Bet you didn't know you needed a cat tote bag......


Tote Bag / Felt / Wool / Fabric Glue

This is an easy, quick make with no sewing required - it also comes in at under £5, makes a great shopping accessory or gift and....cats.

Before starting any of the steps and to prevent the glue from sticking your tote front and back together, place a plastic bag or sheet inside your bag.

For the simplistic design, I used felt for the main features, the nose and ears.  Draw your size and shape of nose, cut out and then fix in place with a healthy amount of fabric glue:
With short lengths of grey wool, I cut my whiskers.  To fix them in place with minimal mess, I used a brush to coat the wool and then pressed in place, keeping the wool taut.
As the whiskers dried, I cut my ears - 2 identical shapes for each ear.  These will be fixed in place, sandwiching the top of the tote to help provide some stability and keep them standing up.  Apply lots of fabric glue to also help with this!
Now leave your bag to dry completely......
...before proudly using and making shopping that bit more fun:



  1. The things she make
    I like the way you designed your Tote bag simple but very pleasing how do you find the fabric glue when it gets wet and do wash your bag, lm sure this is a good conversation starter lv noticed the isn't any eyes would you be thinking of putting any on.

    1. Hello! Thanks so much.
      I use Hi-Tac fabric glue which is machine washable, but there are many more available that work just as well, so no worries about the bag getting wet. I've not added eyes to mine, but if you were thinking about gluing some on, this wouldn't be a problem. If you are going to wash your bag, make sure you use fabric, rather than felt, as this will shrink in a warm wash.
      Hope that helps!
      Sophie (TTSM)

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