Sunday, 15 April 2018

DIY Stationery | Star Sign Constellation Notebook

It's World Stationery Day on the 15th April and I have a DIY - and a collaboration with Old English Company - to make sure you celebrate right!

Notepad | Faux Suede | Star Sequins | Beads | Thread | Fabric or Hot Glue | Scissors


To start, cut your fabric to size by laying your notepad open, positioned so that one side has around 2 inches of fabric at the side and 2cm of fabric at the bottom and top
To ensure the correct length of fabric is measured, you will need to ensure the notebook can open and close easily, so hold the fabric in place at the front and then close the notepad.
Now cut your fabric at the other end, again having around 2 inches of fabric at the side
You can either machine/hand stitch your fabric or use fabric/hot glue [which I opted for] to neaten your edges.  Start with the top and bottom of the notebook cover, folding the fabric over twice to create a neat edge and gluing the fabric in place to neatly be in line with the notebook:
Now, we can neaten the sides.  Create a small cut in line with where the notepad front and back covers will sit [not forgetting to close the book to ensure the fabric folds as required].
The sides will need to be folded in to pockets, for the front and back cover to fix in to.  Start this by neatening the side edge by folding over once and gluing in place, then fold the sides in at a slight angle and glue in place:
Now fold the 2 inches of side fabric over and glue the sides securely in place:
The notebook should snugly fit inside:
Repeat on the opposite side:
I created a simple tie with some suede cord in complimenting colours and sized this up [before straightening with the ultimate crease-hack, my straighteners - quickly run the cord through the straighteners a couple of times] before planning out my star constellation design:
I fixed the sequin stars in place with a glass bead and made the connections with silver thread:
Your desk will have never looked so stylish.

Win a Set of Planners!

To celebrate World Stationery Day, Old English Company are running a competition to win the newest additions to their planner collection and all you have to do is send an email - seriously.  Find out more about how to enter below.


You can also check out the planner collection, so you know exactly what you should buy yourself for Stationery Day here:

But whilst you're there, also check out the gorgeous prints ( and my latest keyring wishlist: - in fact, here's my full OEC wishlist!

What you waiting for? ENTER THE COMPETITION (here)
Good Luck!

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