Saturday, 1 December 2018

DIY Christmas | Large Hoop Wreath

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  For me, when it comes to Christmas decorations, they are never big enough.  I'm starting the Christmas DIYs with this huge wreath that is easily recreated and is made from a hula hoop. 


6 Bunches of Artificial Eucalyptus / Hula Hoop / Spray Paint / Glue Gun / Wire Cutters


1.  Start by spray painting your wreath hoop.  I chose a light coat of white spray paint to mask the pattern and left to dry completely.
You could also decorate your hoop by wrapping it in ribbon or leave plain if you have a more exciting Christmas colour scheme than me.

2.  Select your (real or artificial) foliage and begin placing it around the hoop to gauge how much you need, the fixing points and to get an idea of the overall style you like (full, sparse and the direction of your items).  Make any trimmings.
I picked my artificial eucalyptus branches from The Range as I used them last year with these DIYs: Garlands, Festive Gift BoxStar Wreath and Baubles.  They are budget-friendly, easy to work with and look great - I highly recommend them.

3.  Glue Gun time! I've treated myself to a new one and gold glue one too as apparently I can't help myself if something is that colour (want one?).  I was generous in applying dots of glue across the entire hoop area that the branches would rest to ensure that they would not move from their base.
Of course, you don't have to use a glue gun (but you should consider this, its beautiful).  You can tie your branches in stages using floristry wire, string or ribbon but do make sure your knots are tight and secure and the weight will soon cause the branches to move.

4.  Continue around your hoop in the style selected.  I originally decided on a half hoop theme, using the hoop join as my start and then adding a couple of branches in either direction.  But having bought many more branches than required and taking any excuse to use my glue gun, I ended up with a full round.

5.  You can add a huge variety of decorations to personalise your wreath: berries, lights, dried fruit, pinecones and bows that can all be tailored to your taste, colour scheme and budget.  If you would like to create your own dried fruit, I have a DIY to show you how.  You can also add foliage of different types to add interest, shape and fullness.

6.  Once happy with your wreath, it's ready to hang.  I love the impact of the size and the festive look it adds to some of my empty spaces.

Can I convince you to try making your own? Make sure you share and tag me on Instagram if you do - I'd love to see them.

They'll be a few more Christmas DIYs over the next couple of weeks, but if you are in the DIY mood - there are loads of ideas for you to try here.



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