Sunday, 25 March 2018

DIY Home Decor | Woven Pom Pom Tassel Cushion

Get your home up-styled with an on-trend DIY woven, tassel and pom pom cushion!

Cushion | Wool | Needle | Scissors | Optional: pom pom maker

There are lots of options for this DIY: You can either buy or make yourself a cushion for the base, or up-style one you currently have.
I picked up my cushion from Dunelm for just £8.  The covers have a loose knit texture that is perfect for the embellishments I want to add [it wont snag, is nice and chunky to run additional threads through, and as a bonus, the grey trim ties in with my choice of colours nicely]. 

I started by making myself around 20 pom poms, which would be added to two sides as a trim.  To help speed the process up, I used my Multipom tool [used before for this DIY] as this DIY is a little more time intensive than others:
The key to this DIY is to be varied in your textures, so I used a variety of stitch embellishments [being quite random and not at all precise in the lengths as this adds to the overall design and look]:
The most time-consuming aspect of my design was the tassel trim.  I started with a braid, using 2 lengths of wool for each section [6 lengths in total], which would be placed over the top of the tassel to create a neat finish:
I then cut short lengths of wool and then threaded these across the cushion:
You could then leave the tassels like this and then place the braided wool over the top, however; I wanted more texture and fullness, so made my way across the cushion, unravelling the wool with the help of my needle and an episode of Friends to keep me company:
It creates a lovely texture and softness to the embellishment.

Before stitching my braid to the edge, I pulled the braid apart to widen the braid and vary the tightness for interest and detail:
For the remainder of the cushion, I added further stitches, braids and knotted stitch embellishments, varying the colour and sizes:
Finally, I trimmed all the edges of any excess wool and then added my pom poms down each side for a final embellishment and to tie all the woven and stitched embellishments together:
Ready to add to any sofa, chair or bed to adda little colour, texture and modern home decor!

If you love up-styling and DIY-ing your home decor, check out the other ideas in the Home Decor section!

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