Thursday 19 September 2013

Felt Feathers

 With the Autumn definitely arriving sooner rather than later, I've been thinking about creating
some more seasonal decorations, so my first stop are these simple, quick and easy fabric feathers.

What I Used:
1 A4 sheets of grey/white craft felt
Embroidery floss / needle / scissors
PVA glue

I sketched my own templates, based on some feathers I looked upon Pinterest, but you
 could create your own templates or use real feathers as a guide if you have any to hand:

To make the templates more 'substantial', I traced over them with a Sharpie and cut out:

Pinning them to my felt, I cut out my feather shapes with fabric scissors:
...and to give a little detail, I created spines with tapestry thread and a simple running
stitch down the middle of each feather:
Turning the feathers upside down, I applied a generous amount of glue [just my usual PVA]
down the spine and then spread across the back.  Shaping the feather at the sides for effect,
I left to dry overnight:

The glue dries clear and as the felt is thick, so not to be soaked, the glue does not spread
through to the inside, shaping the felt, without showing:

...and it is as simple and easy as that.
You could leave the feathers like this, but for me the detail was missing, so I snipped around
the edges, varying the length of each cut to create a more feather-y effect:
much better.
You can have these as table top decorations, in a bowl, or thread from the stems to create a
garland or group together at different lengths to create a simple hanging decoration - and if you have more colourful sheets of felt available to you than me, these will brighten any area and you can mix
and match the colours to your taste/decor.

A simple project that you can make curled up, wrapped up and inside - stay warm, see you next time x

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