Sunday, 15 September 2013

How to Make Personalised Wrapping Paper

 After my success with regular themed posts [ahem] I have a new theme to disappoint with, Sunday Shorts.  They wont be every Sunday, but they are posts, ideas or projects that are simple, quick and perfect for last minute making or baking.

Todays is something that I think either gets you the thumbs up, or the look of "why don't you just go to the supermarket and buy some?", I am posting about making your own wrapping paper.

Before you click away - bear with me whilst I explain why all the wrapping paper you need for a year is in the form of a brown paper/plain paper roll. And some Sharpies.
I love stationery in any form and used to hoard rolls of wrapping paper picked especially for the person I was giving to or present I was giving.  A while ago, this stock ran out and I have no idea how it happened.  I love wrapping, so set myself up in the evening ready to faff around with bows and ribbon and no paper.  For a present to give to someone the next morning.  Pants.  So I set about making my own and have pretty much carried on doing it ever since.

Brown paper rolls are crazy-cheap and if you live near IKEA, an 8 metre brown paper roll is just over £1 - or a 30 metre - yes, 30 metre, white paper roll is £3.  That will keep you going for years.

I don't think I need to explain in much detail what I did, but here are some photo examples.
I cut a length of brown paper to size and wrote 'happy birthday' in my fanciest handwriting all over it:
and on a second sheet cut to size, I wrote the lyrics of their favourite song:
Simple as that - wrap, add your ribbons, bows, confetti or leave well alone and
let your personalised paper speak for itself:
but the variations are endless: personalise with movie quotes, list their favourite boyband
members [as I so lovingly did for my brother ;)], change the colours, font, size - a cute way to
have children involved as well if you have any to hand!
See you next time x

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