Sunday, 1 September 2013


Hello and Happy Sunday. Pinch, Punch and no returns.

  Today marks my blogging 1st birthday.  
As a person who has started a few blogs and not been able to keep them up at all, this is quite the achievement for me and I also passed a significant blog stats milestone recently, which I can't quite believe.  It's been a sometimes difficult habit to keep on top of, at others an obsession and I've not yet quite got that balance - but I have learnt so, so much over the last year and more about what I want to do as well as lots about what not to do [late night crafting, bad lighting, I'm looking at you].

Creatively, I can certainly say that I think in a much more creative way and I find myself full in the brain of ideas - my lists of things to make/try/bake is huge.  Huge and only encourages my stationery addiction with the lists I keep in notebooks, notepads and list keepers.  Here's hoping I can turn some of these ideas in to finished projects over the next year.

So, here are my 2nd year of blogging resolutions - keep me to them:
  1. Buy my own camera - the majority of the photos on this blog have been taken with the loan of a camera - this is why regular / consistent posting has been difficult at times - I've been researching and should have my very own in just a few weeks.  So excited.
  2. Improve my photography - mainly helped by resolution 1, I really want to keep learning and trying to improve photography, document processes better and figure out exactly why there are a million settings and when they should be used so that they make this blog better.
  3. Consistency - it has never been my intention to pressure myself with everyday posting, or any specific timetable of posting, but this has sometimes resulted in posting everyday for a couple of weeks and then disappearing for just as many (or more, recently - sorry!).  I want to stop blogging at these extremes and become a little more consistent in my blog posting, but still feeling like I can just post when I want to (or make something).
  4. Learning new crafts - I really want to make the most of what I can learn from the blogging community and I am so inspired to learn new skills as well as improving on those I have already picked up. Who can forget my success this year with crochet? [cough, cough].
Finally, I just want to say thank you so, so much to everyone that pops by my corner of the Internet.  Thank you so much for your comments, tweets, emails and for each time you share my posts.  
In my first post, my aim was to contribute to a community and section of the Internet that I had learnt much from and found inspiring, so I hope to continue to try and do the same in the next year to come.

Raising a [depending what time of day you are reading this] cup of coffee/cocktail to you - Cheers xxx

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