Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Glitter Transfers

Strictly is coming back on TV, which means the return of GLITTER!
I think glitter glue is my most favourite and most versatile crafty item I own.  Today, I am posting about using this 'childrens craft' to create your own glitter transfers for decorating and embellishing.

All you need is some glitter glue, an acetate sheet or flexible plastic sheet and, if you want them, templates to trace over.  Here are the ones I created for myself, if you would find them useful:


[right-click on the images above and save to your computer to print]

...otherwise, you can create your own - free-hand on to paper, or create and print out from the computer, cut from magazines or be crazy and use no template, depending on what kind of transfer you are after.
Place your template underneath the acetate and begin to trace the outlines of the shapes and fill in with the glitter glue, move the template underneath the acetate for each transfer of the same shape:
Don't be too scared of building the glue up, this will help create a more solid and concentrated 'colour' and all of this will dry flat, despite the 3D effect it has in the first instance:

You can create different effects, stretching the glitter glue to create thinner lines, or lighter lines, thick lines for an intense colour and bold lines, or mix both to create ombre effects with the glue.
Once dry, you may find some small areas you have missed, so touch these areas up if needed and then when completely dry [I left mine overnight, but depending on what you are creating, lines take a couple of hours to dry, the circles and thicker concentrates of glitter glue much longer], the transfers are ready to be peeled off the acetate sheet:
The flexibility of the acetate sheet will allow you to bend the plastic and peel away the glitter transfer easily.  However; if you have left your sheets to dry in the Sun, you may find that they begin to bend and peel away at the sides all by themselves for you [this is nothing that cannot be solved with 30 minutes under a heavy book]:
...and it is as simple as that.  If any areas didn't quite work out as you planned, you can trim your transfers to neaten any edges or lines.  These can now be used as embellishments, not only for flat surfaces, but as the glue has made the transfer flexible, it can be wrapped around objects as well.
If you want to create a stash to store away and use later on, keep on the acetate and store in a plastic wallet and you have endless transfers to use whenever you need. 
Hopefully [weather & natural light permitting!], I'll be able to post what I have planned for these soon.
See you next time x

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