Friday, 28 February 2014

How to Make the Ultimate Pancake Stacks

The day of only being allowed to eat pancakes is just around the corner and I've been thinking about my toppings since last year, as though I couldn't have made pancakes at any other time.......

Have you ever been to Center Parcs?  You should, even if just to visit the Pancake House - it will blow your mind.  Combinations of ingredients you wouldn't even think of together, let alone to have on a pancake.  Today, I'm taking a little inspiration from their flavours and the towering presentation of the pancake 'stacks' to make mini dessert treats which might also take your fancy for next Tuesday.
I made my batter the night before - 100g plain flour, 1 egg and 300ml milk, whisked together,
covered with clingfilm and left in the fridge overnight.  As I was going to stack my pancakes,
I kept their size small and decided to take the time to make them all as even as possible,
so used a metal ring to keep them consistent, but you really dont have to do this.
Make a batch [my mixture produced around 20] and then after every 3 or 4 pancakes,
layer them with these ideas [if the pancakes are still a little warm, the better]:

Eton Mess:
layers of white chocolate, dried strawberries, double cream and crushed meringue
[you've put on 10lbs just looking at it]

Chocolate Nut:
a generous spread of Nutella, topped with mixed chopped nuts

Millionnaires Shortbread:
milk chocolate, topped with crumbled shortbread biscuits, then a drizzle of caramel sauce

...and if all fails, the Traditional option will never let you down:
What are your favourite toppings?
see you next time x


  1. I'm always a simple lover of just maple syrup on my pancakes!

  2. Sometimes, you just can't beat the classics! :)

  3. I am off to center parcs this weekend! I blimmin' love the pancake house.

    Lemon and sugar for me please :-)


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