Friday 8 August 2014

How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Happy Friday - I hope you've had a great week.
With the Summer, I've been very flower-focussed recently in my decorating and crafting, so today, I have another tutorial for creating your own.  Last Friday, I posted a felt flower Poppy tutorial:
...and wanted to try the same techniques used in that post with other materials to show the different effects that this could achieve.  Today, I'm trying out crepe paper.

What I Used:
Crepe paper
Round template
Glue Gun / Scissors

I wont repeat the steps in too much detail as they are exactly the same as the poppy tutorial, however; the crepe paper gives you a little more flexibility to mold the paper into realistic petal shapes and folds.  Start by cutting a circle of crepe paper and then cut in to this is a spiral effect, however; rather than following the curve of the circle, cut petal-like waves and rounds as you go.  Once completed, starting from the center, roll the spiral to create a flower head as loose or tight as you would like to design.  Fix the paper in place at the bottom with tape, glue or [for speed] a glue gun.  Create individual, larger petals for the outside by cutting freehand - around half the circumference of the centerpiece in length and between 1-2cm in height to give a realistic illusion of an opening flower:
...begin to fix the petals in place at the bottom of the centerpiece:
...continuing until you achieve the fullness that you like: useful are these white-on-white photos?!
Better.  The edges of the crepe paper have a natural crimp to them that create a realistic and detailed effect to the petals - overlap them and fix in variations of closed and open petals to achieve different effects:
Once you are happy with the overall look, add a final detail to the head of the flower.  I chose a vibrant yellow crepe paper and cut a tassel into a long length of folded crepe paper:
Once the length of crepe paper is opened, you can roll from one end to another to create a full tassel of pollen for the center of the flower - fixed in place with more glue:
A flower created using exactly the same technique, but with a variation of the materials used, creating quite a different effect.  Crepe paper is fantastic for making delicate flowers, but with a durability that allows you to mold and shape the paper without tearing or damaging the overall finish.  If you can't find the exact colour of crepe paper you want, they are also very easy to dye and colour yourself - more on that another time.
Have a fantastic weekend,
 see you next time x

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