Monday 18 August 2014

How to Make Mini Pinboards

What I Used:
3 Cork Pot Stands [Ikea, £2.50]
Sticky Back Plastic [HobbyCraft, £5.00]
Craft Knife / Scissors / Ruler / Pencil

Before I get started with this Mondays DIY, I thought I'd just give you the heads up that painting on to these cork pot stands isn't going to end happily.  Don't spend time creating, carving and cutting stencils - you'll only end up with at least an hour of your life you can't get back and abandoning the project for a good month to recover.  Just letting you know.
Add those 15 layers of paint with no visible difference to the opacity:
Told you.

I'm a fan on storage / space saving / accessories being decorative as well as functional.  I've made a speech bubble noticeboard before and this project largely follows from that - creating pinboards that are decorative if not in full use, three times lucky.  
As the paint was a huge fail [I should have known, these cork pot stands were only ever going to absorb everything] I pondered on what to use instead for a few weeks until I decided sticky back plastic deserved a come-back in my life and found a nice roll of embossed light-gold plastic in my second home.  A little pricey - but I used such a small amount, this has many a projects-worth for your pounds.
 I tried three [OK, two] different styles to try out the vinyl - the first was a simplistic geometric style - made simply by cutting small triangles from the plastic [thank goodness for the guidelines on the back]:
...and placing in a fairly random style directly on to one of the corkboards:
Although the plastic adheres really well to the cork, it isn't permanent - unlike if used on paper - and can be moved about if you change your mind on the placement [or in a couple of months, the design!]
The second design was a little more intricate and I opted for a short and typical 'hi' which I drew free-hand and transferred to the back of the plastic by taking all my pent-up aggression out on the reverse:
I cut the majority with scissors, but for the slightly more intricate parts - that needed a smooth line and not a creased mess that turning scissors around would have created - and detail of the 'h', I used a craft knife.  Remove the backing and test yourself with how well you can centre your design:
For the third and final board, I re-used my animal head pins to add a little functionality and used them as hooks - if you fancy making them for yourself, you can see how here.
see you next time x


  1. Totally loving (and pinning) these!

    1. Thanks Kate! So easy [and I love any excuse to shop in Ikea!] ;)

  2. how did you hang the cork on the wall? did you use double sided tape? can you suggest wall friendly ways on hanging these boards?

    1. Hello! I was in rented accommodation when I made these and used the Command wall strips which are like velcro and remove without damaging the wall after! Hope that helps! :)

  3. Great trick and best activity. I'll try to make it.

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