Thursday 28 August 2014

Honeycomb Wrapping

Yesterday, I posted about my first attempt at honeycomb decorations.  Strangely therapeutic and therefore, I made more.  Today, here's how to create fabric versions to embellish and dress up presents.

To create these little half-pom pom embellishments, I used a sheet of A4 felt, scissors, 
a round template and my favourite friend, my glue gun [you can read more about why it's ideal 
for this project here] - but fabric or strong glue will also work:
I used a small plastic pot lid as my template and used this to cut 11 circles in total.  I then cut 10 of these in half to create 20 semi circles, which would form my honeycomb decoration: 
 The method to create the honeycomb was exactly the same as the decoration post.  I drew around my template on to a sheet of paper and divided the shape into two sets of lines, the first set creating the first, third, fifth and last line and the second set creating the second, fourth and sixth lines:
Placing one semi circle into the lined template, I used my glue gun to glue following the first set 
of lines [one, three, five and seven]: 
...placed the second semi circle on top, and then followed the lines of set two [two, four and six]: 
...added the next semi circle and continued in alternate sets: set one, next semi-circle, set two etc..... 
...continue this until your pile of 20 semi circles are all glued in place and leave to dry:
Once dry, the full circle, which will act as the base, can be attached.  Cover the top semi circle in glue: 
...and fix to one half of the full circle base: 
Once dry, pull the opposite end round to meet the base: 
...and fix in place.  I found that doing the second half in stages worked best - add a line of glue 
to the centre of the base and fix the end in place.  Once dry, you can then glue the rest, safe in 
the knowledge that it cannot move out of place:
 Once fixed, your honeycomb embellishment is complete:
 ...and creates a perfect ribbon embellishment for present wrapping:
Create different effects and designs with other fabrics, varying the width of the template lines to 
create tighter or wider honeycomb patterns - I think these have *Christmas* written all over them:
see you next time x


  1. These are great. It would be cool to attach them to gifts and people could keep them as their own decorations. Perhaps a bunch of these strung along some ribbon could be used like garland. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks, Anna! A few in different shades of the same colour in an ombre effect would look fab - or a graduation in size from a small to large as well - I like your thinking ! :)

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