Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

As you may know, wrapping presents is one of my favourite things to do.  Imagine me at Christmas.  If you need any help, send presents to be wrapped my way - I love it.  Today, I have a new favourite extra I have been adding to my plain wrapping, tissue paper flowers, and they couldn't be easier.

What I used:
Tissue paper
Round template

I had three sheets of tissue paper that I folded in half four times [or to the largest number of folds that my template would fit] and used my template to mark the size of the flower embellishment I wanted to create.  Using this as my guide, I then cut scallops around the template to create my petals:
...creating a pile of scallop circles:
To attach them all [48 layers in total] together, I pierced the centre with a brad:
....the metal bottom also help when creating a little shape with the layers, however; you could also staple, glue/sticky tape [but this would take so, so much time] or thread the layers in place.

To start making your flower, take the top layer of tissue paper and bring the paper in to the centre in a 'neatly scrunched' method:
...continue this with the second layer, third and continue down the layers, scrunching at the bottom centre to help the tissue paper take shape and hold:
Continue until the layers have create the shape and look that you are happy with:
Neaten any layers that may have been missed with the scissors and you are ready to embellish your presents.  I added a ribbon for decoration and the flower added some detail:
Perfect for your present wrapping arsenal.
Not only are they are perfect for creating for any sort of embellishment - smaller versions for cards, tags and artwork, change the material to create fabric versions for accessories and other crafty projects.
Layer different colours to achieve varied or ombre effects.
Other wrapping ideas?  How about personalised wrapping paper, oversized present bows, mini wrapping garlands or - my favourite - chalkboard wrapping?


  1. Wow, this is so pretty! I can see different kinds of coloured and patterned paper making holidays and birthdays fun. :)

    1. Thank you, Anna :) It's a really easy way to add something personal to present wrapping - my new favourite!

  2. So Beautiful ��!!!!! I was looking for something different to wrap my baby girl christmas presents and this is just perfect!

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