Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Embroidered Heart Christmas Decorations

Sometimes, the best decorations are the simplest and these felt hearts are a quick project that can be further embellished with a quick embroidery trick.

What I Used:
Toy Stuffing
Embroidery Thread / Sewing Thread
Needle / Pen / Scissors

[right-click on the template above to save and print from your computer]

To start, print off the template and use the heart to cut 2 pieces of felt for each decoration:
To add an embroidered word, use some fabric webbing to trace over the festive word of your choice in pen - the webbing is much more practical for smaller, more detailed projects than paper [as used in previous posts] and will allow you to embroider over the webbing without it tearing or moving:
Place and pin your traced word over one of the cut hearts and begin to embroider over the word:
Once finished, cut away the webbing and pull away carefully from under the stitches [use tweezers to help remove any small sections] to reveal a beautifully hand embroidered design:
Next, join the two cut hearts together with a simple running stitch around the edge - I left around a 0.5cm hem and spaced out my stitches to a similar measurement.  Continue until you reach around 3cm from the start to add your stuffing [completely optional]:
I filled my hearts with a small amount of toy stuffing to provide a little padding and plump to the hearts.  Secure in place by finishing the stitching around the edge and secure your stitch with a double knot before trimming the excess:
Finally, add a loop to the top of the heart to hang your decoration:
These are perfect as hanging decorations for the tree or home and they make pretty fab keepsake present tags too.  Embroider names, your own choice of words or song lyrics - mix up the colours, materials used and sizes for a beautiful handmade collection of decorations.
The perfect evening and film-watching project.

[You can see a larger version of a similar project here - apologies in advance for the photo quality].
see you next time x


  1. These are lovely-have pinned to try and remember the webbing trick-always struggle getting words in the right place when sewing otherwise!

    1. Hi Danielle! Thank you - it's a sure fire way to get neat, straight stitches - let me know how it goes :)


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