Thursday 11 December 2014

Personalised Doodle Christmas Gift Wrap

Today, I'm continuing what appears to be a gift wrap themed week with an adaptation of this post.
Although the amount of time I spend online searching and googling for the best gift wrap and embellishments I can find is unrivalled - handmade always gets the best reaction and todays DIY is so simple, you probably have the materials already [and if you don't, they are very cheap to pick up and will keep you in gift wrap for years].  It's also perfect for keeping children [big & small] busy over the holidays and a perfect way to personalise gifts - Doodle gift wrap.  Get your Sharpies ready.

What I Used:
Brown/Plain Wrapping Paper
[that's it]

 For the doodle wrap - cut your paper to size and then get a Christmas film on and draw away - no real pattern or design even, I set about drawing Christmas shapes, writing lyrics and quotes and adding smaller 'filler' shapes to create a decorated gift wrap sleeve, perfect for adding to a pain wrap:
 Personalise with the recipients name, favourite movie quotes or anything that reminds you of them for a truly personal gift wrap.  Give the kids a couple of pens and let them set to work for a gift wrap that will be fab for family and friends!

Next - the easiest of all - simple Sharpie wrap.  Cut a sheet of plain wrapping paper to size and then simply pick a couple of phrases, quotes or words and repeat them in detention-style lines down the paper - alternate the colours, writing style and words for a bit of variation:

....add in the recipients name....
...and your personalised wrap is complete. 
 They don't look too bad together either....: 

 This is a really adaptable project and can be applied to any gift wrap - not just Christmas
 - let me know if you try!
The main thing spent on this is time - so if you don't have it, but like the idea, cut your paper to a size that acts as a sleeve around a already wrapped gift or cut as a gift tag to adapt .
see you next time x


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