Friday, 5 December 2014

Handmade Gift Ideas

Unless you are amazingly organised and probably feeling pretty pleased with yourself right now, you may be wondering what the baubles to get for everyone this holiday?  Over the last year or so, I've posted a few quick, easy and fairly low cost projects, so here are a few that might be the answer to your friend/family/Secret Santa gifting worries?  Grab a cuppa/cocktail - it's a long one :)
Click in the top right corners of each photo to be taken to the DIY!

1. Tote Bag
Who doesn't need a tote bag?  A handmade, personalised, potentially gold glitter tote bag?
Decorate it in any colour or design for a unique and useful gift [you could even grab a fabric pen and let the kids loose on the design?]:

2. Bag Tags
Decorate that tote bag, or any bag, with a handmade bag tag.  Personalised and open to any design, colour and material - it's optional sew or no-sew - so perfect for that last minute gift too!

3. Jewellery and Accessories
I have too much jewellery! Too many accessories!  Said no-one, ever! These DIYs create fantastic presents and the design and colours can be adapted to suit the style of whoever is lucky enough to receive it:

4. Stationary
Something else you can never have enough of? Stationary.  Design your own pattern and personalise with favourite quotes or lyrics with paint, embellishments, pens and stamps and store them in updated folders.  Pins, clips and magnets make fun stocking fillers too:

5. Study Organisation
Which are the perfect accessories for fun pinboards - perfect for updating an office or work space:

6. Phone Cases
Know someone who is never off their phone, or loves it just that bit too much?  Try creating a personalised phone case with these simple DIYs:
7. Home Interiors
Add a little sparkle or personalised design to your friends and family homes with these interior ideas:

8. Clothing
Clothing is a bit of a tricky one, unless it's an item that has been specifically asked for.  Nothing screams 'change your horrible style' passive-aggressively like buying someone clothing.  But a personalised top with a favorite design, quote or word that reminds you of the person in a colour and style they love? Winner:

...and if you have a crafty friends that does not own a glue gun? Can I suggest you fix this for them?

I hope that you find something here that may help - if all fails, chocolate is always a winner!
Have a great weekend x

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