Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Glitter Reindeer

I've been pretty restrained with the glitter so far - let's make up for it.

What I Used:
Plastic reindeer toys
Gold Nail Varnish
PVA glue
Loose Gold Glitter

To start this simple, easy and festive DIY, begin coating your plastic toys in a layer or two of
nail varnish [alternatively, spray paint / paint] - don't worry about covering every inch of the toy
 - the main aim of this is to create a block of colour and have a base not too dissimilar to the glitter colour if any come loose or doesn't stick to an area:
 Leave to dry [this wont take too long] and then start covering each toy in a thin layer of pva glue:
...before dunking in to a bowl of loose glitter and covering completely:
Remove from the bowl and stand the toys up to dry completely:
 Tap off any excess and add more glue and glitter if any large areas managed to be missed.
Secure your glitter in place with a generous spray of hairspray:
 ...and then use your glitter reindeer to embellish, decorate and add a little sparkle.
Here are a few ideas: jar tops, sweetie jar embellishments and decorative display:

Alternatively, you can add a step before the nail varnish to create place holder, like in this Easter post.

More plastic animal related DIYs here, here and here.
see you next time x


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