Sunday, 18 March 2018

DIY Jewellery | Wire Bunny Ears Ring

Style-up your Easter with this simple wire ring.



I started my wire with the base of the ear, leaving a length of excess to use as a join at the end and to trim, holding my pliers at the length that would be the top of the ear and gently bending the wire to meet the base: hold in place, I held my pliers at the base and twisted the wire tightly round once:
I used my pliers to help shape the top of the bunny head:
...and then repeated the same steps to create my second bunny ear, however, wrapped the wire round twice to secure at the base:
With the length remaining, I shaped the round to the back centre, using an existing ring as my size and shaping guide:
...before shaping the wire round to the front to meet the first ear.

To secure in place, I wrapped the end around the base [now matching the second ear] and clamped the wire flush with the pliers in the centre:
...and then trimmed the wire.  A pretty, delicate and simple ring:
This DIY can be easily adapted to create silhouettes of other animals and you can even up-cycle a ring you no longer wear, adding this as an embellishment.

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  1. what a wonderful handmade ring <3 lovely

  2. This is so cute. Thanks for sharing such lovely idea.

  3. Lovely. You thought us simple way to make our own ring ;:. If you need Jewelry boxes for these kinds of Jewelry items then visit OXO Packaging


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