Sunday, 16 December 2018

DIY Christmas | Festive Plant Gift

Here are some really simple and easy additions you can make to a store bought bunch or pot of flowers to make it a little more festive - perfect for display in your home or as a gift.

Flowers or Plant / Pine Cones / Skewers or Floristry Wire / Hot Glue Gun / Tissue Paper / Cellophane / Ribbon


For this DIY, I bought a poinsettia plant that was already in a pot and had some shape and fullness to it already.  I transferred it from the store wrap and added to an Ikea planter.
I then added to the festive-ness (yes, that is a new adjective) and created some fullness by filling in the sparse ares with a few fir sprigs:
I fixed my decorations; pinecones, with hot glue to some folded (for strength) floristry wire (though a skewer would work just as well):
I then added my pine cones to create more fullness and to break up the colour and add a little interest.
Continue adding any decoration until you achieve the look and style you are happy with.
Side Note: after taking all my photographs and in a slight panic, I added a little glitter glue to the pinecones to add some interest and detail (and because I hadn't used it yet).

If you are gifting the plant, finish by adding tissue paper in a festive colour or design around the outside.  Fold your tissue paper in to triangles, overlapping the paper to create a neat finish and fix in place under the flower pot to start.
Bring each side up, adding tape where needed to hold it in place and fold where you can (rather than scrunch).
Continue until you have the look you want - I kept the front of the plant fairly open, concentrating my triangles at the back and each side (though in my opinion, you can never have too much!)
Finally, if you have some cellophane, add a second layer of folded triangles to protect everything and finish with a ribbon to complete the look.
You can adapt this to any style or colour preference - and they make great Secret Santa, Christmas party host and neighbour gifts or home decorations.
This is the last DIY I'll share before Christmas - with little more than a week to go, there are lots of ideas right here, should you have time for any more.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy start to 2019 - see you on the other side!


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