Sunday, 9 December 2018

DIY Christmas | Reindeer Favour Gift Bags

My family will be at my Parents house for Christmas Day and I like to set the table for them on Christmas Eve and add something personalised to each setting.  This year, in the spirit of keeping things quick and simple, I've made these little favour bags - the perfect size for an after Christmas Dinner treat (or three).


Take your favour bag and add a protective square of card or plastic inside to ensure that your decoration won't transfer through the fabric.  Using a Sharpie or any black pen, create two eyes with (you can pre-mark your bag as a guide in pencil, closing the bag to ensure that the eyes will be seen).

To add a little detail, I created some rosy cheeks with red pencil.

Next, attach a pom pom nose to the bag with hot glue (or any glue, but - you know me)
If you want to make your own pom poms, I have a DIY here for you, but I think the fork trick works perfectly for this small size.

Create your antlers from glittery card and close your bag to gauge where they should be fixed and the size that you want them to be.  Attach the antlers with glue and leave to set.
Of course, you don't need to use glittery card and can make your ears out of any material - just ensure that if you use fabric, a piece of card is sandwiched between or added to the back to ensure your antlers stay upright.

You can add some further optional extras: ears - made simply by cutting an oval then cutting in two, bringing the straight bottom sides together and fixing in place with glue, ribbons and bells or add some name tags for place names and as a keepsake.
Fill your favour bag and add to your setting.


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