Saturday, 8 December 2018

DIY Christmas | Wire Star Decorations

Today, I have the simplest but most stylish decoration to share that can stay up long after Christmas has been put back in the loft.  They do make great table, present and tree decorations though and I've seen variations of these in stores all over the high street.  If you are after a quick, easy but handmade alternative - they are as easy to make as you think.


Artificial Eucalyptus / Artificial Fir / Artificial Gypsophila / Glue Gun / Twine / Ribbon / Wire Star

I feel a bit of a fraud even writing this step by step - but here I go.

I purchased everything online and you can buy a range of shapes and sizes to suit your style. 
I started by trimming artificial foliage: eucalyptus, fir and gypsophila and tying the bunch together with twine:
To secure them in place, I added some hot glue and covered this with a few wraps and knots of the twine.

I added a length of black satin ribbon as a hanging to the top of the wire star, before securing my foliage sprig in place:
You can also supersize the decoration, recreating the same embellishments with larger cuttings:

Your simple stars are not ready to hang and display:

This style lends itself to any shape and size and can be personalised with as many or as few embellishments as you like.  To add a little colour, some red berries would make this a much more festive decoration, or ass a little sparkle with some glitter foliage.
They also make a stylish wreath - add a few dots of glue on the back to protect your door and you're good to go!


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