Thursday, 11 April 2013

Easy Peasy Quote Art

Have I mentioned that I am moving? No?

I've made a few little art pieces for my home - here, here and here - but after seeing so many inspirational quote posters on Pintrest, Twitter and to buy, I also need one of them.
I am having trouble deciding which I want, so, I have created some super simple and quick A4 size printouts of some I have found and liked, aiming to hang them clipboard style, or washing line and wooden peg style, so I can change them as and when the mood takes me.  

I've got five here as an example [I'm realising these are all quite self-improvement-y, but I have a wider range, promise] and have a folder full of 10 times as many: song lyrics, famous quotes, book extracts and favourite movie quotes.


These are perfect for changeable art and I am going to change some of the fonts and add colours and backgrounds to ones that I will have at the front on a more regular / permanent basis.

I hope that once I have moved, I can get a photo of them hanging up to show you them in a little more context than as a picture, but I have a Pintrest board of some other great quotes/art quotes if you are interested, or if you have any favourite - please link them my way! x

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