Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Flood Icing Experiment

Hello.  It's been a while.

Sometimes life is especially annoying and really gets in the way of fun.  I have mentioned briefly, but I am moving very soon, so it is leaving very little time for making and is being replaced by packing, phoning utility companies and trying to decide if I really need everything I seem to have accumulated in my old flat in the new flat.

One thing I have been able to do a bit of though, is use up some of the things in my cupboard/fridge that are close to empty and doubly lucky for me, this is mainly the baking cupboard!  I'm a big fan of things from here and would love to be able to create pretty designs to give to friends and family as part of a present, so rather than do what I usually do [which is give something a go the night before etc], I thought I would practice ahead of time and learn in advance.  Flood icing.  Is it as easy as it looks?  Let's find out with the [very] basics.

Using the same Spring biscuits used when I made lollipops, I drew a white icing outline with a icing writing pen and left to set [this will help shape it/stop it running EVERYWHERE]:
In a bowl, I mixed 2 tablespoons of icing sugar, 1 drop of colouring and 1 drop of water at a time until I achieved a icing consistency that was spreadable [not watery]:
 ...adding a little at a time, I began to fill the biscuit and gently pushed the icing to the outline 
with the back of the spoon:
 ...until the whole biscuit was filled.  I left to the side and completed all my biscuits, finding it easier each time to gauge how much I needed:
 Once finished, I left the biscuits to set in the fridge overnight.
 Once set - they didn't look too bad apart from a few bumps that weren't quite covered....
 ...and this one.  Ooops.  But you can easily remove those bits and noone ever. need. know.
The final test, was checking that it really had set and wouldn't break as soon as I had a piece:
 Result! Hoorah.
I am aware that this is the very, very basics of flood icing - no detail, no colour changes and no pretty patterns...but I will give it all a go and I have a feeling Christmas will not be short of it! x

Yes, I did just mention the C word in April.  Sorry.

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