Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Pastel Macarons

Excuse the cooling rack photo bomb.
Hello and I hope you are well and refreshed from the Easter long weekend that even saw the Sun
make a fashionably late appearance.
I have a very quick post today as I don't want my macaron experiments to outstay their welcome, so thought I would share my blatant attempts to make up for the ombre, pastel coloured macarons I attempted at the start of the year.  Using coloured cream instead:
There is something fundamentally flawed in my use of food colouring.  It makes everything break...and taste weird [in a bad way].  None of my coloured macarons worked and they were slimy.  
I'm pretty sure that is not what is supposed to happen.  
So whilst I persevere with that, I've cheated by still making pretty pastel macarons by colouring the whipping cream and that has worked out pretty well:
...and using whipped cream means they HAVE to be eaten immediately or they will melt/dissolve or some other reason why they need to be eaten one after the other quickly.
I think my family are full from macaron experiments for now, but I am keen to learn how to create some coloured and flavoured macrarons and sandwich them with flavoured and different kinds of filling, so I'm not quite done yet!  If you have any tips or recipes you could share with me, I'd love to hear from you! []

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