Thursday, 11 April 2013

How to Make a Suede Tassel Keyring

I'm moving. I'm losing everything. I'm trying to help myself.

Hello.  I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving and I'm going to be talking about it quite a bit I think over the next few weeks.  Sorry.  I'm finding that I am not quite as organised or focused as I believed myself to be and in a quick fix attempt to try and help myself out, I whipped this tassel keyring up.
 Have you seen a more boring, depressing and boring boring keyring?  I own Mary Poppins bags which also have the helpful feature of no internal pockets, so everything gets chucked in for a game of lucky dip later on when you need something.  A black keyring isn't going to help.
A few months ago, I bought a few cuts of suede laces which I thought were perfect to help me:
  I've seen tassel keyrings around a lot, but they are either HUGE, or like curtain tassels, so not 
really for me.  It was easy enough to make my own, in my own colour and size choice, so 
here is a quick How To:
I only had 1m cuts of laces, so decided to use two colours to make the tassel fuller - the more 
that you use, the fuller your tassel will be.
Wrap your thread/cord/laces around your finger at the length you want your tassel to be.  
Continue until all your material is used up:
To keep the bundle together, use a piece of strong thread [like embroidery floss] or wool and tie in place just below where you would like the tassel to begin:
 To tie the tassel to my keyring, I threaded a small piece of suede through the top of the tassel, 
and fixed in place with a few knotted stitches at the top before trimming:
 To hold the tassel together, I used the same colour and wrapped it above the woollen tie made earlier.  Pull as tight as you can around the top and trim where it meets the end.  To fix in place, I stitched in place again [I found this the most secure method and it looks pretty neat].  Trim and remove the woollen/temporary tie:
Finally, cut through the loop at the end to create the tassel.  Once cut, trim to make the ends even:
 ...and the top tie wont ping open.  Result.
 There you have it.  A quick tassel keyring that [hopefully] wont get lost in my bag....
...or wherever I end up putting them down and walking away from!

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