Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to Make Icecream Cone Cupcakes

I can't wait any longer.  I'm posting about Summer.
Hello! Thank you so much for coming back and not giving up on my little blog - I have moved, I now have Internet, I've caught up with all my favourites after being cut off for 2 weeks and all feels good in the world - I've missed the blog and I've missed you, so thank you for returning!

I have a confession with regards to todays post.  It is over a year long [the photos that is] and dates back to last August, when I was first considering starting a blog.  I took all the photos to see what I thought of it and mocked up a post. By the time I had the courage to 'publish', the seasons skipped Autumn and went into full-on Winter within a day and the post got lost amongst more relevant makes.

This past weekend has been brilliant and we had the first BBQ of the year, spent time outside in the Sun and forgot about the two hail showers almost as soon as they started.  Dear Sun, Please stay x

So, today I bring the photos from last Summer together in the hopes that they may be of use sooner rather than later for this Summer.  Enjoy x

What You Need
Victoria Sponge Cupcakes
Cheat: Pre-made Cupcakes
Wafer Cones
Butter/Icing Sugar
Food Colouring (brown, pink, green)
Chocolate Chips
Piping Bag
Icing Nozzles

The Cakes:
Cheat: I used ready made cupcakes from the supermarket to make these.  As you know, making cake is not something I've had much practice at and as time was so short when I made these, I decided to put my effort into the decoration rather than the baking.  A packs of supermarket ready made cupcakes (12) only cost £1, so I can't argue with that time and money saving.

I removed the cakes from their wrappers and placed them inside a short ice-cream wafer cone.
Each cupcake was decorated with a simple buttercream swirl.  Starting from the outside, pipe following the outside of the cupcake as a guide, bringing your nozzle to the inside in a circular motion to create the swirl.  When the ends join, lift the piping the inside of the swirl, until the base is covered.  Continue the swirl on top of this base until you achieve a 'Mr. Whippy' effect.
To finish, add a flake:
With food colouring, I added a few drops of red for strawberry ripple icing:
...and green for mint with a few added chocolate chips:
These are very simple, with big impact at a party - they went down really well, especially with the children - and were very quick to 'whip' up, so perfect if you are limited with time!
Here's hoping there are plenty of Summer days to enjoy these -
See you tomorrow x

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