Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Bat Wreath

I had a polystyrene round, some grey wool, a piece of black card and Strictly to watch.
This is what I made.

What I Used:
Polystyrene Wreath
Black Card
Grey Wool
Washi Tape
Pins / Scissors

This is a really simple and easy decoration to make, with a base that I can re-use once I give in to Winter and easily removable decorations that can be replaced for the next Holiday season [don't worry, not saying the word just yet].  I've not made a wreath for Halloween before, but I fancied something for the door that could be made with a few things I already had and that would keep me company during some Saturday night television.  If you are after a quick decoration for your home, or something that the kids could also easily make, here's an idea for your front door.

To start, I wrapped my wreath round in grey wool:
I've used this polystyrene round multiple times - I don't glue anything directly to it so that I can change it whenever I grow bored, so if you have one too and are a little wary of the un-envrironmentally aspects of it - try not to glue directly to it and then it should last you for years and years and years.
Once complete, I created a quick and easy bat template, folding a piece of white paper, drawing an ear, wing and body, cutting out and creating a symmetrical template which I traced on to my black card:
Cutting out 6 bats, I then fixed these to the wool and wreath with pins as eyes:
...and made a silver washi tape bunting centre decoration to finish the wreath:

...with a final addition of a hanging and I'm ready for Halloween.
see you next time x
[this will be tomorrow, as I have a few more Halloween ideas to post x].

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