Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Short: Glitter Spiderwebs

Following on from the glitter transfers I posted a couple of weeks ago, I've been dying to try and make these spiderweb embellishment/decorations.  Let's glitter up Halloween and make it pretty.

What I Used:
Glitter Glue [what else?!]
Acetate Sheet
Optional: template/stencil to trace

Similarly to the glitter transfers, you will need an acetate sheet to draw your spiderwebs on to.  I didn't use a template, but if you would like something to trace, lay your acetate over the top and simply follow the lines.  I was a bit more draw-and-hope in my method, starting with a star structure:
 ...before joining the structure together with lines that created a hexagonal-ish shape:
....of varying lengths and no real symmetry:
I also couldn't resist a little green spiderweb - I wish I had a purple.....
Leave your spiderwebs to dry for an hour or so [depending on how thick your glitter glue lines are].  If you are lucky and they dry with a bit of Sun, the transfers begin to peel away themselves:
...but if not, bend the acetate away, rather than the transfer and it will peel away easily.
No fiddly glue/glitter transfer and tidying up, no craft knife cutting - simple and only a couple of hours in total to make.  My kind of crafting.
These can be used to create little garlands:
[if the transfer bends a little at the edges, you can easily remedy with a bit of time under a heavy book]
....or to stick in door or window frame corners, or use them as little trick or treat bag embellishments:
...with added creepy crawlies:
Any size, shape and with embellishments, even more fabulous.
See you next time x

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