Monday, 28 October 2013

Sunday Short: Mummified Glasses

Easy-peasy Treat holders.

What I Used:
Glass Tumblers/Jars [any size]
White/Cream Wool
Black stickers / paper

Using a similar technique to the pumpkin candles, I created two black sticker eyes in the middle of the tumblers.  [If you have vibrant green sweets, such as jelly beans, you could leave the tumblers as they are for an alien-like effect]:
To create the mummy effect, I started by placing the tissue paper at the bottom of the tumbler, holding in place with one finger and wrapping in twists around the top to bottom, twisting the paper and varying the thickness of each round:
You don't have to be uniform in the way you do this, the more random the directions, thicknesses and overlaps, the better.  To add a further effect, I also wrapped cream wool over the top for a different texture and detail.  Crepe paper, tissue paper or white paper will work just as well - as long as you can wrap it around the glass and fold and layer the rounds.
No glue, so these are easy to turn back to your regular tumbles in November.  Finally, I added brain sweets to the tops.  As you do.
FYI - the brain chocolates are from Sainsburys and are filled with a strawberry mousse-like centre.  Blimmin' gorgeous. for brains.
If you have a large bowl that you are filling with sweets, this would be even more awesome
on a larger scale.  If you do it, please, please show me - I would love to see.
I made these spiderweb placemats using the same techniques as a Sunday Short
from a few weeks ago:
see you next time x

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