Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Short: Halloween Marshmallow Mummies & Ghosts

Last year, I really enjoyed making [and eating] last minute halloween teacake ghosts but today I've got an even quicker saviour of halloween sweets, which I haven't posted unhelpfully too late to create yourselves this year.  Marshmallow Ghosts and Mummies.

Can you buy packs of marshmallows with just the white ones?  You can for pink ones. These are the things I think about - but anyhow, you will need a pack of marshmallows and separate the white as this is all you will need. The next steps are hard work, so have the pink ones on standby to eat as you plough and solider along.
To half the marshmallows, I took a chocolate icing pen and made two dots for eyes about midway:
...and then with a white chocolate icing pen, made stripes from left to right, going over the top and bottom of each eye with a few of the stripes:
[if you get messy, reapply the eye and add more stripes - you really can't get the design of this wrong]
[if you have white icing and a thin nozzle, I would recommend using this over the white choc pen
 - the consistency means that the lines aren't quite as sharp as I would like, but you still see t
he mummy effect - or does it look more like a ninja?].
With the other marshmallows, I made two ghostly [hmmmm, not really] teardrop-shaped eyes in the top third - on reflection, I wish I'd added a screaming boo-ing mouth as well - do this!
Phew. Tough work.
...and then popped the whole lot in the fridge to set.  About an hour later, I skewered the bottom of each marshmallow, ready to eat.  If you have a tall glass or vase, they look pretty good all standing together - if you want to display, you could add halloween-y themed ribbons or a tag.
I found a round of polystyrene that I think I've saved for years, thinking one day it would come in useful, that finally had its moment to shine - the marshmallow is light enough to not make the whole thing fall over, so it was a perfect stand.

[alright in the back there?]

...or, if you have a halloween-y themed cup/mug or bowl, add some polystyrene or florists foam at the bottom to hold them in place.
If you have a little more time, you can make the ghosts more ghoulish by standing them up and covering with white chocolate, so that the bottom creates more of a floaty, ghostly effect [a bit like the ghost teacakes].  Quick and easy - but if not ghoulish/bloody enough, add a bit of red icing.
see you next time x

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