Friday 24 October 2014

Balloon and Tassel Ghosts

 ....a ghost / alien hybrid.  Why not?

This is really easy craft that can have quite a big impact in your halloween decorating

What I Used:
White Balloons
White Tissue Paper
Scissors / String / Sticky Tape / Sharpie

For the ghost faces, blow up your balloons:
[that's about as hard as that bit gets]
  To create the tassel, fold your tissue paper:
 Make cuts from one end to at least 3/4cm from the top in lines as random as you like
[the closer together the cuts, the more full the tassel will seem]:
Unfold and separate your tissue paper.
Layer your sheets [I kept around 3 sheets per layer] and fix together to create a fuller tassel:

...add some double sided tape to the top and then stick to the base of the balloon:
[clear sticky tape will also do the job a treat]
To create eyes [if you don't have black stickers to hand], colour a sticker in black Sharpie, 
cut and add to the balloon:

Finally, to create your hanging, thread the string through the centre 
of some sticky tape and attach to the top:
...and your spooky balloon decorations are ready to hang and .............
scare? confuse? start a conversation?
...more ghosts, of the cake pop kind, tomorrow!
see you next time x


  1. This is too cute. Simple and easy diy ghost decorations

  2. Wow!!! What a blog. The way you explain it the way you use this word is mind-blowing. I just love this. Thanks for spreading this knowledge to us.


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