Monday 27 October 2014

Halloween Felt Pom Pom Garland | Wreath | Door Sign

A few months ago I posted a quick DIY felt flower pom pom tutorial and today, I'm showing how these can be used, in Halloween-themed colours, to create fab garlands, wreaths and door hangings.

If you'd like a look at the tutorial, with a little more detail of how to make the pom poms,
you can find it here.

What I Used:
Glue Gun
Needle / Thread

To make the pompoms, you need to cut circles of felt - I use an old ribbon reel as my template:
To create the pom pom sections, line the centre with glue [I use a hot glue gun for its quick and easy help - if you are pondering buying one, you can see my review here]:
Fold in half and press to keep in place as it dries [mind your fingers, though]:
Line the horizontal centre with glue [leaving at least 1cm from the edge]:
...and fold this in half and press in place again:
Repeat this with the remainder of your rounds:
...and then glue the folded rounds together at the points and to help create fulness or close any open gaps [like below], add a few dots around 1 cm from the edges to attach each towards the top as well: 
Create as many pom poms as you need in as many colours as you want.....
Once you have all your pom poms, you can thread them together with needle and thread:
....and create a garland....
...or add halloween accessories [you may recognise them from this]....
....and tie together to create a wreath......
[if you have problems keeping shape, a wire round or cutting your own round from cardboard to glue to will help]

....or fix in place to create a fun house number for the door:
Use the pom poms t spell out 'Boo' or another holiday saying - I think I'll be giving that a go for Christmas - mix up the colours depending on your decor and the possibilities are endless.
see you next time x


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