Tuesday 28 October 2014

Embroidery Hoop Spider Web

As Halloween approaches, this is a quick and easy last-minute craft that can create some pretty impressive decorations to greet trick or treaters, or decorate for a party - if you have a hoola hoop in your home - you must try a huge version!

What I Used:
Embroidery Hoop
White Wool
Plastic Spiders

To start, remove the outside hoop and create a horizontal tie across the inside hoop with a
 length of wool:
...make sure the wool is taut and secure either end with tight knots.
Repeat as many times as you like around the hoop:
Next, cut a length of wool around 2-3 times the circumference of your hoop [to give you
plenty to work with] and secure it with a knot in the center of the hoop:
.....wind and weave the wool around the center a number of times to secure:
...and then create a knot 1cm from the center:
....before weaving and winding the wool around each straight:
...keep the wool taut and be as haphazard in your lines as you wish:
Continue for the space of the hoop and then finish with a tight knot at the end:
Neaten everything up by trimming the ends.  In the center, trim close to the knot and then use
the wool that was wound around the center to hide the loose end.
Enclose all the ties with the outside hoop:
...and the fun begins.
Finally, attach plastic spiders to the web with strong glue and leave them to dry fully:
....and your spider webs are complete!
I displayed mine in a frame, but these can hang freely and you can stick the spiders/creatures
 on both sides - or even leave some threads loose and have the spiders hanging from them!
If you fancy a spiderweb project that can be started this evening, left overnight to dry and complete by morning - plus, they are made from GLITTER [!] - step right this way.
see you next time x


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