Monday, 20 October 2014

Sugar Skull Mask

To kick off the start of my Halloween-themed posts until the 31st October, I have an idea to create your own mask from Day of the Dead celebrations - the Sugar Skull (calavera).   I have been long fascinated with the tradition, so wanted to create my own to display.

What I Used:
Skull mask [Hobbycraft, £2.99]
Paint / Sharpies
Foam Flowers [eBay, £1.99]

I started the sugar skull by applying a couple of coats of white paint to the skull and leaving to fully dry:

 ...before marking my design lightly in pencil around the mouth and eyes:
 Once happy with my design, I could start making it permanent with a range of Sharpies.  The white background makes the colours clear and vibrant and the pens easier to control than paint and paintbrush for the design details.  I started with the mouth:
 Before the eyes.  I started these with the main block of colour around the sockets:
 ...then smaller details around the outside:
....before defining the design with black outlines and adding any further details:
 Next, for the headdress, I picked up some foam flowers from eBay in complimentary colours:
Cutting the heads, I attached the flowers to the skull with hot glue:
Starting with a central rose, in the middle if the skull:
 ...then begin building the flower headdress around this:
...until full:
 ...and the sugar skull is complete:
You can use this as a mask, or as I am, to display.  
The designs, colours and materials you can use to create your own are endless.
see you next time x
[that's tomorrow - and I'm back on my honeycomb game, see you then]

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