Friday, 15 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Santa Hat Penguins

3 words you might not expect to see together.
With 10 days to go, some festive cheer in the form of penguins in Santa hats.  Merry Christmas.


Any Plastic Animals | Red Card | Glue Gun | Snow Balls


I found my penguins on Amazon, but you can use any plastic animals you may already have - any shape and size.

With some red glitter card, I cut irregular triangles, with one side the height of the hat I wanted:
With a pencil to help me, I wrapped and curled the card in to a cone:
...overlapping the edges and securing in place with hot glue:
I then added hot glue to the top to secure the snowball bobbles:
...and then trimmed the bottom to sit on the penguin heads - adding them with more hot glue:
Add these little hats to any plastic animal for instant happy.
Merry Christmas!

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