Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Chocolate

Hello - ready for a week of Easter-themed food?
I have a few people I want to give a Easter chocolate token to this coming weekend.   If I was to buy something a little more special than your usual bar, it would bankrupt me for the remainder of the month....and that's not really the point, is it?  This is a really simple way to personalise Easter-themed / shaped chocolates using £1 cookie cutters as moulds [also used in this post]:
...and plain/milk chocolate with some selected toppings.
On a tray lined with baking paper, place your cookie cutters and simply pour melted chocolate [any kind of your choosing] in to the mould until of a thickness of your choice:

Give the tray a few light taps on the work surface to remove any bubbles, ensure the chocolate
 is distributed around the whole mould and evenly layered and leave to set for an hour or two 
at room temperature:
[don't worry about any chocolate escaping from the bottom if the surface and cutters are not
completely flat, this will break off easily once set and removed from the mould]

Once set, I covered one of chocolate moulds in white chocolate topping, drizzled in the messiest
way I could create with caramel bites and honeycomb pieces added on top:
...leaving the other plain for a different kind of decoration:
...once fully set, remove from the mould [I found the easiest, and least messy, way to do this was to pull the sides of the cookie cutter away from the chocolate gently, continuing all the way around and then tapping gently on the surface to remove]:
...and there you have it - ready to wrap and give away, or eat straight away.
For the plain chocolate bunny, I drew a simple outline with a white icing pen and then added a little detail:
...but you can create any topping you like, tailored to whoever you are making the chocolate for, or what you have in the cupboard.  It's cheap, easy and fun - so perfect for children to help create as well.

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  1. This is such a great post!! I love this idea. I have several Easter cookie cutters that I would love to do this with. xx. McKenna Lou Ryan


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