Friday, 1 March 2013

Crochet Hearts

All You Need Is Crochet Love
Ick.  I know this isn't the post I planned, but the gloomy lighting is an absolute pet hate of mine, so I am trying to find a solution to it.  February has not been the best, camera wise, for this blog and its photos.  Sorry!
 In the meantime, I thought it was time for another crochet update.  As I have been progressing my basic crochet stitching, I saw a few Pintrest photos of crochet hearts and set about finding a pattern to have a go myself.
I used this fantastic Planet June pattern [smallest heart version] and found that, although I hadn't worked in a 'round'/'magic ring' before, the basic stitches I have learnt and confidence gained on the way, were enough for me to be able to have a go and work the pattern out without completely tying myself in a knot.

This was my first attempt:
Hmmm.  The terrible photo actually makes it seem more defined in shape than it really is.  Getting a little carried away, I didn't follow the 'ch' 2, 'sl' 'st' instruction when you start the 'round' and the above is what happens when you ignore that.  So after a tea break, I tried again:
and could see the improvement in shape [I hope you can too!] and one more time for luck:
A different type of wool I didn't account for, so again, completely different, but I felt I knew what I was doing a little more, even if the proof isn't necessarily in the pudding.
As with most of my crochet attempts, once I have some success [no matter how small], I find a few more tries and I am able to sit happily and crochet away without too much difficulty and can see the progress quite quickly.  It doesn't look exactly the same as Planet June's tutorial - but I will get there eventually, so before you know it, I'll be posting crochet heart everything.

I missed the Valentines boat with these, but they can be made in to gift tags, decorations, garlands and embellishments or accessories.  I love them - if you have found any other good [please read easy] crochet tutorials, let me know!

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  1. These are so cute! I knit and would love to learn how to crochet! You are such an inspiration.
    xx. McKenna Lou


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