Wednesday 6 March 2013

Easy Paper Flowers

Todays project is the perfect example of my favourite type of craft: simple, easy and versatile depending on a few small changes, which can create a completely different result.  
Today I bring to you....easy paper flowers.

Yesterday and the last few days have been gorgeous. I just about managed to catch what was left of the light after work - and I could get very used to this.  I'd almost forgotten that we will have our light mornings and evenings soon returned.  Woohoo.

I have some Spring card in pretty pastels that I used for this project, but another best thing about this is that you can use any variation of paper, card or fabric:
I then used various mugs, pots and my cellotape to use as templates to draw around to crete a
variety of circle sizes:
Cut your templates and then starting from the outside edge, make a cut in a spiral form all the way around the card, continuing until you reach the centre:
To form your flower, begin wrapping the card from the outside [starting your wrapping around the 
end of a pencil can help]: you wrap the card, keep the shape consistent by holding the middle with your thumb and 
bottom with your finger as you turn.  As you reach the end, the paper will naturally begin to 
turn outwards and your flower form take shape.  Just before reaching the end, I added a little 
sticky tack to the inside of the base:
...and stick this securely at the bottom:
Once in place, the wrapped paper may spread out a little, but I think this adds to a more 
natural form for the flower:
If you wanted to cover the middle, or add further decoration, a brad, button or pretty 
embellishment can finish the look:
Cutting with a wave will create a slightly different effect, forming a rose shape and slightly more 
open flower, depending on how tightly you wrap the card and how wide apart the cuts are made:

 Experimenting with different sizes of card/paper, cutting styles and widths will enable you to 
create a wide selection of different flower forms:
 There are so many posts I could write about what can be done with these, but here are a few ideas until I get round to it: create different shapes and sizes and display in a pretty Spring bowl, attach at the bottoms to pretty string or ribbon to create a garland, add wire stems to create pretty flowers, gather in a formation to attach to material for accessories [such as a brooch/hairband], use for card and present get the be continued!


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