Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wooden Washi Tape Pegs

Humour me?

I get a bit restless if I don't have something to make.  This is what happens when I have more spare time than expected.  I don't have a specific 'event' to be making for, but as I am thinking more and more about my imminent house move, I'm finding all sorts of unnecessary things to makeover and up-do.

Todays victim - these:
I live in an apartment, so these are not strictly used for hanging things on a washing line, but more for hanging artwork, notes and reminders and anything that means I don't have to be getting the hammer and nails out and phoning a plasterer 10 minutes later.

I found this little roll of lovely in my local craft store, but there are so many more [and more exciting] options online.  
I currently have this, this, and this [of course] on order - can't wait to use them.

This is the perfect 'in front of the TV' make as almost no thought is required.  No prepping, no gluing, just washi tape, the pegs and some scissors/craft knife.  I created my own little production line, unrolling the tape, sticky side up and then placing my pegs lengthways down the centre:

taking my craft knife/scissors, I ran it along the side and then the top and bottom
....and then side to ensure the peg was covered completely, folding any excess over at the sides:
Completely unnecessary and certainly no tutorial needed, but there you go.
I need to find my bull dog clips and dolls pegs!


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  1. Washi tape just makes everything better! I love this idea. xx. McKenna Lou


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