Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Milk Chocolate Bark

Last Minute Easter Treats!
Hello and Happy Friday! Hope you are enjoying the start of the Bank Holiday weekend / the end of the week!  I have a quick, last minute Easter treat post for you today, following on from Christmas bark, I made some Easter themed chocolate which went down a storm
[please read: I didn't even get to have any of it]

Mini eggs were my weapon of choice, but if you don't need these pieces to travel any further than from plate to person, give broken creme eggs a go - yum!
I chose a milk chocolate base for my bark, melting around 200g to fill my tin with a good 1cm depth to it.  The beauty of this is that you can make it as thin / think and large as you like.
Line a tin / baking tray - any flat surface with sides with baking paper and pour in your melted chocolate:
 Leave to semi-set for between 30 mins-1 hr [with the weather last weekend being so cold, 
it didn't take my chocolate too long at all] and then add your decoration - I chose a white 
chocolate drizzle as well, just to be fancy:
Leave to completely set, or pop in the fridge to help it along much quicker:
Remove from the tin and then the baking paper [the baking paper will come away easily]:
...and you could give it to someone as a chocolate slab, or let yourself have a bit of fun by 
smashing it to pieces:
Have a wonderful weekend - hope the sun shines where you are!  See you the other side x

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