Monday, 4 March 2013

Framed Chalkboard

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have this ticked off the to-do list!

I'm especially late with this one as I've been searching for the right frame.  I've bought plastic moulded ones from eBay, searched second hand shops and contemplated restoring and also thought about repainting others.  But, being lazy, I decided to keep looking until I found what I was looking for.  Most of the time, I don't really know what this is.  Finally, I found my frame in the best way, by accident and when not looking for it.  Usually, this situation also means not having budgeted or having the funds, but my perfect frame is budget friendly and this whole project cost me £22.

 I used this frame from Dunelm [£19.99], but also wanted this ... and still do.  I think I'll go and buy it after this post for the kitchen actually.  I really like the moulding effects, vintage feel and colour:
I bought this tube of chalkboard paint [£1.99] long, long ago, [so naive was I of the time
involved in finding a frame], but you can get the same here [or make your own with 2 parts tile
grout and 1 part paint]:
It says it works on almost ANY surface...let's see.

Removing the glass, and pre-cut mount I covered the inside of the backboard [which is similar to thick paper mache in texture] in 4 coats of paint
[I think 2 would have been fine, but I wanted to be doubly sure....literally]:

This is after one coat:

...and the second [applied in the opposite direction]:
...and once more in each direction:
...which I think gave it more depth and a more even finish.
Leave to dry fully [I left mine overnight] and then clip everything back in to place:
I'm really pleased with the overall effect.

I'm going to invest in a chalk pen, as this is going to be used often and little chalk sticks try my patience - I will be back with an update of how that works and how well it comes off / is reused - if you are interested in making your own chalk paint and want an effect that isn't as harsh as black, you can mix any colour of paint [one part] to two parts tile grout [from a DIY store] - I've yet to give this a go myself, so if you can recommend any good examples, let me know! []



  1. I love this!! You are so crafty and clever. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. Hi McKenna Lou - Thanks so much! x


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