Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mini Washi Tape Garlands

I'm a sucker for a mini garland.  I love them on picture frames, mirrors, furniture and as decorations for cakes and present wrapping - I'll find use for them almost anywhere.

As my supplies slowly get unpacked and put in to their new homes and I've been limited in what I have available to me for any making in the evenings, I wanted to add a bit of decoration whilst I decide where I want pictures and art work to hang - the easiest and quickest solution was my washi tape and to make mini banners.  I have made a few variations - each pretty much as easy as the other - and perfect sitting-in-front-of-the-TV making projects.  It doesn't need much explanation and all you need is some tape, scissors and thread.
I made simple garlands to brighten up my desk wall and used the simple square, triangle, semi circle and ribbon end shapes in three different colours, but same pattern, so they tie together.  Folding a piece of tape over twine, wool and embroidery thread as the hangings and then cutting in to shape:
 So many uses and really quick and simple to make:
 Easy peasy makes - just how they should be. x

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