Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Short: Pumpkin Candles

...none of which I have managed to achieve an even slightly scary face on.

What I Used:
IKEA 3 x Candle set
Label / sticker / post-it
Black Sharpie / pen

I probably don't need to explain, let alone show photos of the method, but these are [like everything] simple, quick and fun to make for this time of year.  Using scented candles from IKEA:
...I started with a plain white label sticker in white, colouring the main part in with black Sharpie:
[if you don't have any labels or stickers that you can colour black, colour the sticky side 
of a post-it and you can create the same effects]
Turning over, I drew the faces that I wanted on my pumpkins - all terrifying, I'm sure you'll agree:
Cut out:
...and then peel away and stick on to the candle glass.  Any areas that might have been missed
or spoiled by the peeling can be fixed easily.  Long nails or tweezers will help immensely for this part.  I created a simple, classic and seemingly happy pumpkin face:
...a cute, younger brother pumpkin face:
...and.....slightly sleepy pumpkin face:
If you can find green candles, zombie and Frankenstein faces would be perfect, white candles make brilliant ghosts and mummies - I wish I could go back and find some more candles, but I have to stop somewhere and next year, you can bet I'll be doing them!
see you next time x

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