Thursday 9 January 2014

Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

Hello! Thanks so much for all the love over the last couple of days, pretty sweet start to the year!
Up next, I have a post that is mainly a result of my love for wrapping presents.
Christmas time is a crafting/making persons cardboard box and packaging dream come true.  My ottoman is full of packaging I can cut, re-use and re-purpose and I am not even a little embarrassed by how happy it makes me. I genuinely love it that much.

I've posted a personalised wrapping paper idea before and a present bow tutorial too.  Today, I take the wrapping paper idea a step further, combining it with my love of this posts hero to make Chalkboard Wrapping Paper.  Yes.

What I Used:
Roll of brown paper
Chalkboard Paint / Spray / Chalk
Scissors / Pencil

Using a roll of standard brown paper, roll and cut the length you need and wrap your gift.  The more you can make the present you wrap a box, the better for this design:
I wanted to have some speech bubbles and frames to write on - I created a little template,
which you are more than welcome to also use below:
[right click and save to your computer to print]

For the first design, I cut out and drew around a speech bubble to transfer the design on
to the top of the wrapping:
...and filled it in using Chalkboard Paint and a basic craft paintbrush.
I used another as a stencil, cutting the speech bubble out from the template and then
painting the inside to transfer the design:
Finally, I drew a free-hand frame for a larger present - but for the corners,
I used the same rounded square speech bubble as my template to draw around:
Once dry, the frames are ready for your message:

I used no more than two thin coats of the paint for each bubble and I can confirm that the paint did
 not transfer through the paper at all - not even a little.

If you love wrapping gifts for people as much as me, this is a really fun and creative way to transform your paper in to frames which can be monogrammed or decorated depending on the gift or who is getting it. The chalkboard effect can also be recreated using black paint - a silver or gold sharpie over the top, or white pen/Tipp-Ex pen will give this the chalkboard effect.
You can also use this design for cards and gift tags too - if you do,  make sure you let me know!
see you next time x

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  1. I love this idea, I think I'm going to give this a try next time I wrap gifts

    Alison At Home!

  2. That's a new thing and so cool. I like the idea very much.


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